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Nothing changes a room, transforms​ an interior or relooks a piece of furniture like a new ​coat of paint. And with Autentico chalk paint, if you don’t like it, then it’s easily changed!

Depending on what you want to paint, Autentico has a paint product to help you achieve your final look.  Autentico Vintage decorative chalk paint for furniture; quick drying, hard wearing.  Autentico Velvet for interior walls; quick drying, professional finish, great on beams.  Autentico Versante Matt in a matt finish, quick drying, hard wearing chalk paint for exterior and interior use on garden furniture, woodwork, metal and much more.  Autentico Versante Eggshell fantastic eggshell finish in a chalk paint; quick drying, hard wearing; exterior and interior use, great for kitchen cabinets!  Autentico Esterno top of the range chalk paint for use on exterior brickwork and render.

Great things to know about Autentico Chalk Paints

Autentico chalk paints are all real chalk based paints created from traditional recipes.

– they are water based and environmentally friendly

– they have a very high content of real chalk (calcium carbonate). Chalk based paints dry lighter than the wet colour upon application, producing a distinctive chalky quality of a distempered surface

– they are free from solvents, anti-freeze and other harmful additives (they contain a small amount of ammonia to stop the paint from drying out) and are approved according to the EU directive 2004/42/CE, which means they have very low VOC levels.  Autentico Venice Lime paint is completely VOC free.

– all pigments used in the paint are completely VOC free

– Autentico paints are highly pigmented which means that the coverage is excellent and your chosen colour will stay true

Autentico Vintage chalk paint and the Versante range of chalk paints comply with EN71-3 EU regulation with regards to toy safety.  The amount of harmful substances contained in the paint amounts to less than 1/10 of the allowed limit, which is very low*

-Autentico Venice Lime can be used in situations where anti-allergic and anti-bacterial features are paramount

– Autentico paints are ready to use – no mixing, no preparation

– Autentico Vintage, Velvet and the Versante range are available in over 160 stunning colours

Autentico chalk paints comply with EU toy safety regulations

* Autentico Paints comply with the latest EN71-3 EU regulation with regard to toy safety. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service ( (UKAS, bureau Veritas) concludes that they comply in full. The amount of found and examined substances is less than 1/10 of the allowed limit.  Therefore Autentico Paint and Sealer are safe to use on all juvenile products.

Autentico colours

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