Chalk paint tips

Chalk paint is quite simply, paint made using a certain percentage of chalk.  The more chalk, the better the decorative finish.  For example, Autentico Vintage chalk paint (specialist paint for furniture) contains more than 35% chalk – a lot more than any other chalk brand.

The use of chalk as a binder in paint, especially a lot of chalk, makes it an excellent furniture paint. The combination of chalk and other natural binders and resins, makes chalk paint adhere very well, whilst keeping important other features, like softness, porousness and breathability intact. These features are very important because chalk paint must be easy to handle, easy to use for paint effects such as distressing and must take furniture wax as a decorative finish without problem. Chalk paint is a real decorative paint.

Quick guide to the Autentico range

Autentico Vintage chalk paint is the popular chalk paint that adheres to almost any surface and is great for painting furniture… Autentico Velvet chalk paint is the wall paint that results in the smooth, powdery and velvety look… Autentico Venice lime paint is the original lime paint for walls and furniture and gives a wonderful textured and uneven result…
Autentico Versante in Matt and Eggshell is the more durable and water-resistant paint for damp areas and for painting outdoors … Autentico Esterno is the exterior paint for buildings and woodwork.  

Which Autentico paint should I use – our SG guide

For indoor furniture

  • For a classic chalky finish, choose Autentico Vintage as it is a matt paint specifically intended for furniture painting. Seal the paint with one of the Autentico waxes (or Autentico sealer).
  • Choose Autentico Velvet  if you’re looking for a matt, more hard wearing finish. Complete with Autentico Sealer (or one of the Autentico waxes).
  • Choose Versante Matt in a matt finish or Versante Eggshell in a satin finish if you’re going to paint garden furniture or furniture in damp areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms. Water repellent, no need to finish with either Autentico wax or Sealer.
  • Choose Autentico Venice lime paint for an uneven and antique patina.  Finish with one of the Autentico waxes or Autentico Sealer.


Autentico chalk paint drama


For indoor walls

  • For a classic chalky finish, choose Autentico Velvet chalk paint, which gives a soft, smooth and even result. You can finish with Autentico Sealer for extra protection if really needed.  However, this is not usually necessary.
  • Choose Autentico Venice lime paint for an older, vivid and uneven result. Finish with Autentico Sealer.

Indoor walls in damp areas

  • Choose  Autentico Versante Matt in a matt finish or Versante Eggshell in  satin finish. It is not necessary to seal the paint.
  • You can use Autentico Velvet and seal with Autentico Sealer if the room/area is not too damp, but the first choice would be Autentico Versante.

Floors and stairs

  • Choose Versante Matt in a matt finish or Versante Eggshell in a satin finish for a hard wearing and wipeable surface.
  • Autentico Venice lime paint will create a lime washed effect, but will need to be sealed with Autentico Sealer.
  • You can use Autentico Velvet with Autentico Sealer, but Versante Matt or Versante Eggshell, without sealer, will be more durable and hard wearing.

Kitchen cupboard doors

  • For kitchen cabinets, we recommend Versante (Matt in a matt finish or Eggshell in a satin finish) for a hard wearing, more water resistant and wipeable finish.
  • You can also use Velvet for an ultra matt finish as long as you seal with two coats of Autentico Sealer.
  •  If you want to create a shabby, distressed look, you can use Autentico Vintage, but need to be aware that it is not as durable (it is softer and more porous and will scratch and stain more easily), and will need protection with either Autentico Wax or Sealer. Even so, it will probably not stand up to as much wear and tear as life in a kitchen demands!

Children’s furniture

  • Choose Autentico Vintage chalk paint and seal with Autentico Sealer.
  • Paint with Versante Outdoor in a matt finish, no sealer is necessary.
  • Remember both products comply with EN71-3 (toy safety) regulations.

Garden furniture and outdoor woodwork

  • Choose Versante Matt in a matt finish or Versante Eggshell. There is no need to use a sealer on top but it is worth noting that Versante Matt is more scratch sensitive than Versante Eggshell.
  • Versante can be used on PVC and metal.

Exterior doors, windows, shutters and framework

  •  Use Autentico Versante Matt in a matt finish or Superior Eggshell in a satin finish, with no sealing needed

Exterior render, brick and concrete

  • Choose Esterno Wall Paint for a high quality, professional finish.  Ideal for buildings that are prone to severe weather conditions or are damaged or have cracked render.
  • To paint small areas of brickwork/walls (not buildings), you can use Versante Matt or Versante Eggshell (no sealing needed)

Garden urns, concrete items 

  • Choose Versante Matt or Versante Eggshell, with no need to use a sealer
  • Hot tip: Age new concrete outdoor statues and urns using a wash of Autentico Venice lime paint. If you want to encourage the growth of algae to give it an even more aged look, just give it a weekly wash with buttermilk or natural yoghurt (while keeping the item outdoors).

REMEMBER: Autentico Vintage, Autentico Velvet, Autentico Sealer and Autentico Versante Matt and Versante Eggshell comply with EN71-3 (toy safety) regulations.

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