decorative finishes

NEW – Autentico Gold Leaf – perfect for gilding and creating stunning decorative effects.  Check out this YouTube video tutorial for ideas!

Autentico Gold Leaf from Somewhat Grey


Autentico Metallics Gorgeous metallic chalk paints available in Old Gold, New Gold, Ancient Copper and Silver Pearl. Ideal as a base coat for Crackle Glaze and fabulous for creating a gilded look. Achieve great results together with an antiquing wax. Only comes in 100 ml pots but a little goes a long way.

Check out this YouTube video tutorial on Autentico metallic chalk paints with MaxMcMurdo, Autentico Paint Ambassador and ‘King’ of recycling/upcycling/relooking – it shows you just how versatile and stunning these metallic chalk paints are.  Plus you may get a few ideas of your own for a project at home!

Autentico Metallic Waxes are a spectacular range of sparkling metallic waxes that behave like the classic renowned Autentico waxes, but leave subtle traces of gold, old silver, bronze or copper.  They can be used on untreated wood or on surfaces painted with an Autentico chalk paint colour for a decorative patina effect.  Think Versailles, but updated!  Available in 370ml tins.

Autentico waxes at Somewhat Grey

Autentico Crackle Glaze is a one-step product to create a crackle effect.  It is used inbetween two layers of Autentico Vintage chalk paint.  The underlying coat of paint (first coat/colour) will show through in the cracks.


Autentico Crackle Glaze

Autentico Crackle Glaze is perfect for smaller items or on parts of larger pieces of furniture.  You can really achieve a fantastic result if you use Autentico Metallic Paint as the base coat.

Autentico Glaze is a transparent paint extender, perfect to use when you want to extend the drying time of Autentico chalk paint, or to create a more translucent effect. By allowing maximum manipulation of the chalk paint, decorative techniques are much easier to apply.

Glazes have been used by artisans and professional wall painters for faux painting and marbling effects for centuries.  With Autentico Glaze you can create effects like the professionals with special effects such as marbling, stippling and wood graining.  Autentico Glaze can also be used to create a distressed and aged effect on walls and furniture. Also superb to create Louis XVI and Gustavian  effects on painted furniture!

Autentico Glaze can be coloured with any of the Autentico chalk paint colours by adding approximately 10% Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint to 90% Glaze for maximum effect.

Autentico Glaze is available in a 1 litre tin. 


Autentico Craquelure is a two-step crackling system (two bottles of medium) used on top of Autentico Vintage chalk paint.  It creates fine, porcelain cracks on the surface that can be highlighted with Autentico coloured waxes. The different crackle mediums are available in 250ml bottles.


Autentico craquelure pot

Autentico Art Medium can be used to transfer a printed image onto a desired surface – wood, glass and painted.  Simply use an image printed on your ink jet printer or laser jet printer.  Autentico Art Medium is available in a 500ml bottle.

Autentico Terrapieno is an amazing 3D embossing paste used to create structure or a raised effect when used with special thick stencils.  It is a very easy-to-use product and delivers beautiful results on both walls and furniture. Can be core coloured with Vintage chalk paint (10%).

Autentico Terrapieno  can be coloured with 10% Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint to approximately 90% Terrapieno paste in order to turn it into the colour you want.  You can also use Terrapieno untinted and paint it after it has dried properly. Autentico Terrapieno is available in 480 ml jars.



Autentico Frescolini is a core coloured concrete plaster that is fully waterproof.  It is available in 96 colours with either a fine, medium or rough finish.  Autentico Frescolini is flexible and easy to apply – it can be troweled on, or painted.  Great to plaster spectacular walls or counter tops.  Your kitchen will never look the same!