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Autentico Esterno™

Autentico Esterno is a top of the range chalk paint for use on exterior brickwork, render and plaster.  Water repellent and durable, Autentico Esterno gives a distinctive ultra-matt character.

This revolutionary exterior chalk paint will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come. It is water repellent and hard wearing with self-cleaning capacities. Autentico Esterno uses a combination of unique properties to create a stunning paint that will ensure your walls retain their characteristic appearance and a long-lasting barrier against all weather extremes.

outside brickwork autentico

Why should I use Esterno?

  • Vapour permeability.
  • Water repellent / hydrophobic – excellent durability as the rain cannot penetrate the paint and your walls, although moisture can escape if necessary.
  • Self-cleaning capacities / natural attenuation.
  • Combination of these properties and use of microscopic hairs (mixed in the paint), keeps moisture from the outside penetrating the surface, but allows the walls to breathe, thus preventing patches of damp.
  • Even with repeated treatments, this vapour-permeable paint retains its special properties.

Esterno is available in all of the Autentico distinctive colours and can be used for outside painting on brickwork and plaster, giving a distinctive ultra-matt chalky finish.

10L Autentico Esterno will cover approximately 30 sq metres on a rough surface. A smooth surface will use less paint so approximately 35 sq metres. Available in 5 and 10 litre buckets.  On special order, so please allow at least 10 – 14 days.

Autentico Esterno Wall is a hybrid silane/silicate paint. It is water based and environmentally friendly and complies with the European Commission VOC Directive 2004/42/CE and is VOC low. 

Autentico Versante 

Autentico Versante is a real chalk based, wipeable and water repellent paint for both outdoor and indoor use.  It contains built-in UV filters and advanced moisture control.

Autentico Versante can be used for painting garden furniture, fences and other outdoor woodwork, including doors and window frames.  It is also excellent for pots and garden decorations, will even adhere to metal, wrought iron and PVC.  Autentico Versante can also be used for painting interior surfaces and furniture in damp areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

metal garden chairs

Because of its special properties it is ideal for more hard wearing surfaces, such as stairs, floors, kitchen cabinets or tabletops.  For the best possible adherence and durability, we recommend that you sand shiny, hard and varnished surfaces lightly before painting (particularly with Versante Eggshell).

Check out this video with Max McMurdo, Autentico Paint Ambassador and top ‘upcycler’ using Autentico Versante on a swinging chair project – great fun and really demonstrates how well this paint works.

Autentico Versante – one litre covers between 8 – 13 square metres depending on the surface profile and porosity of the surface you are painting.

Always make sure you stir well before use.  The surface must be dry and free from grease.  Use a degreaser such as sugar soap to clean the surface if necessary (an old favourite, but a useful ingredient in any diy cupboard).  Use the paint as it is and simply apply with a roller or a brush.  If painting furniture, the use of a soft brush is recommended.

Autentico Versante is normally touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable after one hour (in some cases, drying may take longer, depending on humidity).

Autentico Versante chalk paint is water based and environmentally friendly.  It complies with the European Commission VOC Directive 2004/42/ce and is VOC low.  Autentico Versante is available in both Matt and Eggshell finish and in the full range of Autentico colours.

Autentico Matt is the outdoor version of Autentico Velvet chalk paint and is ideal for exterior surfaces such as furniture, woodwork and metal.  Perfect for garden furniture! Hard wearing, superior coverage, long lasting with a sheen factor of only 5%, thus giving a matt finish.

beach houses in autentico matt
Autentico Matt chalk paint is UV resistant, self-priming and low in VOC. It has a built-in moisture control feature making it perfect for exterior surfaces and interior areas with increased humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Outside it gives you the ability to relook almost anything that takes your fancy – take a look at this creative project by Max McMurdo, Autentico Paint Ambassador as he completely relooks a vintage suitcase into a fabulous planter.  You will be inspired to create your own individual projects!


Autentico Versante Matt is self-priming and adheres to almost any surface. It is a little more scratch sensitive than Versante Eggshell, but the ultra matt finish tones down surface imperfections due to its low reflection. Versante Matt is a favourite for painting kitchen cabinets and even floorboards thanks to the matt finish, along with its water repellent properties.
Because of the improved moisture membrane, no sealer or varnish is needed. Autentico Versante Matt is approved for childrens toys and furniture.


Autentico® Versante Eggshell chalk paint is a high quality real chalk paint – with a unique eggshell sheen – especially developed for painting exterior surfaces like windows and doors (frames), walls, garden furniture, metal fencing and even PVC!

This outstanding paint has a sheen of 15%, giving it more of a sheen than Versante Matt and the other paints in the Autentico range.  It works well in combination with Autentico Versante Matt when you need to perhaps paint windows and doors (frames).

versante eggshell chairs

Autentico® Versante Eggshell is UV resistant, self-priming and low in VOC.  Its’ built-in moisture control features make it perfect for exterior surfaces and interior areas with increased humidity such as kitchens, bathroom walls and furniture.  Autentico Versante Eggshell is also more scratch resistant and easier to keep clean than any other chalk paint, so is ideal for painting your old tired kitchen cupboards for an easy relook!  It is also one of the top choices for high wear areas such as table tops, doors, skirtings and architraves and even tiles!

The main benefit of using Autentico Versante Eggshell is that you don’t need to prepare with a primer or a sealer as it is all built in. The excellent moisture membrane makes it more or less impervious to water and weather damage once dry.

For best possible adherence and durability it is recommended to sand hard, shiny, varnished and painted surfaces lightly before painting.

Outside tip

It is easy to age new concrete outdoor statues, pots and other decorative items using a wash of Autentico Venice lime paint.  Just paint with natural yoghurt every week, while keeping it outdoors, to age even more

aged garden statue



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