floors and ceilings

Autentico is a wonderfully versatile chalk paint range and gives you the flexibility to paint floors and ceilings in solid, washed, satin or matt finishes.  Plus with their selection of decorative products you can create more complicated effects and make your house your own masterpiece! Choose from Autentico Versante, Autentico Velvet or Autentico Venice (both Velvet and Venice will need sealing with Autentico Sealer afterwards) for a hard wearing, water repellent surface.

Or you can use the NEW Autentico GRANDIOSE HARD WAX OIL – fantastic for the translucent protection of wooden floors.

Grandiose, a clever mixture of vegetable oils and wax is a very versatile product – great to protect wooden flooring, painted or not, against stains from water, acids, alcohol and general grease. Grandiose is very easy to use. Just apply with a brush and wipe excess with a lint free cloth. After 2 coats Grandiose will offer full protection. With a coverage of 15/20 m2/L, Grandiose is also very economical to use.

Autentico Grandiose is now available in 9 beautiful colours in 1 L AND 500 ml tins.

Grandoise white flooring picture


Other solutions

For floors and stairs we usually recommend Autentico Versante Matt in a matt finish or Versante Eggshell in a satin finish, but you can also use Autentico Velvet chalk paint for a very matt finish. Autentico Vintage chalk paint is, however, too soft and porous and will scratch and stain as it is especially developed for furniture and decorative items..

Both Autentico Versante Matt and Versante Eggshell are self priming and self sealing, no primer, wax, sealer or varnish is required.

Autentico Versante is also intended for outdoor use as both Matt and  Eggshell offer better water protection than Autentico Velvet, and are therefore suitable for damp areas and areas exposed to water spillage and more frequent
cleaning (like the hallway and kitchen).

Think carefully about the look you are trying to create, the surface you are painting and the expected wear and tear  when choosing which Autentico chalk paint you are going to use for your project.

  • Autentico Versante Eggshell has a sheen of 15%, giving you a soft lustrous finish. Most importantly it is wipeable and very easy to clean. It is very durable and scratch resistant.
  • Autentico Versante Matt has a sheen of 5% (slightly more than Autentico Velvet which has only 2%). It is also very hard wearing and wipeable with an excellent adherence, but is a little more scratch sensitive than Versante Superior Eggshell.
  • Autentico Velvet is more durable than Autentico Vintage, but we certainly recommend that you seal the paint with two coats of Autentico Sealer for protection.
  • If you’re after a unique look, it is also possible to create stunning floors with Autentico Venice lime paint. Autentico Venice is very water sensitive when dry and definitely needs to be sealed with Autentico Sealer or Varnish.

Autentico Versante Eggshell


You can either give the floor a complete covering coat of paint or dilute the paint with water thus creating a paint wash effect.

  1. Generally, no priming is needed. Bleed through can occur when painting over old stains (e.g. grease) or when painting high tannin woods like pine and oak. On untreated pine the knots must always be primed (two coats),
  2. Test the paint on a small area first to make sure that it doesn’t bleed through and leaves stains on the painted surface.
  3. If you use a sponge roller instead of a brush, painting will go so much faster and you won’t risk getting a coat that is too thick.
  4. After you have painted with Autentico Velvet or Venice you need to seal the paint with two coats of Autentico Sealer. For a smoother application you can dilute the first layer with 10% water and apply with a brush or roller to your liking. Let this dry completely, then apply the next layer diluted with 5% water.
  5. Regular cleaning of the floor shouldn’t cause any problems, but don´t use too much water or bleach in the water.

Autentico washed floorboards


For a quick application, paint using a sponge roller (the edges and corners with a brush). Let the paint dry and then finish with two coats of Autentico Sealer.