Primers and preparation


New Autentico Primer/Undercoat

New Autentico Undercoat is a grey-coloured primer-undercoat which offers a superb subsurface to make your life easier. It will give you extra adherence on critical areas when you really need it and it will also help to prevent uneven suction when painting walls or floors.

Price: €29.95 a litre

Autentico Undercoat

New Autentico Bio-strip

One of the latest additions to Autentico’s range of products, Autentico Bio-Strip is a high quality, biodegradable paint stripper which can remove water-based paints, wax, varnish from various surfaces. This product is perfect for prepping your desired area before you paint it.  It is free from solvents and very easy to use.

Autentico Bio-Strip from Somewhat Grey

Suggested application:  Apply directly to existing paint, varnish and wax for removal from wood, PVC, metal, glass and other surfaces.  (Please note, this product is not suitable for removing non-film making paints such as lime paints).

You don’t usually need to prime previously painted or varnished surfaces when using Autentico chalk paints.  However, there are times when a Primer is necessary or useful.

 Autentico Primer is a special blocking primer to prevent bleeding through from occurring when painting over stains or painting high tannin woods like pine, chestnut, oak and mahogany with Autentico Vintage or Autentico Velvet. Often with untreated pine it is best to prime the knots. Older furniture of poorer quality can also occasionally bleed through. When bleeding through is likely to occur, simply apply a coat of Autentico Primer first before painting with Autentico Vintage or Velvet.  Apply with a roller or brush (a roller leaves fewer streaky effects).

Autentico Primer is also used to prevent uneven suction or absorption on walls.

You could possibly also use Autentico Sealer as a base coat to prevent bleeding through but the Autentico Primer is more “purpose built” and more effective. Furthermore, the Primer coat will also prevent the “bounce back” reaction that may occur when applying a finishing coat of Autentico Sealer or Varnish on top of chalk paint (when the stain gets pulled right back up to the surface through the base coat and the paint).

The Primer can be diluted with 10% water for easier application and coverage. If you are unsure whether you should use a primer or not you can either:

  • Paint a small test area before you paint the entire piece of furniture (or wall panel). If you get discolourations, use Autentico Primer.
  • Paint your piece of furniture (or wall panel), let it dry and then use the Primer to cover any bleed through or stains if they occur, before applying a second coat (meaning, if you forgot, it’s not too late to fix the problem).

Autentico Primer is water based, environmentally friendly and VOC low. It is available in 100 ml tester pots and 1 litre tins.  It can also be ordered in 2.5l tins, but this is currently a special order and will require a 10 – 14 day leadtime.

Autentico Primer, coloured

This is a coloured version of the Autentico Primer and may be useful when you want to distress furniture and want to avoid the white Primer shining through. We can only tint the light colours (off-whites and light greys). You can pick a colour in discussion with us in the SG shop and we will then order for you. The coloured Autentico Primer version is only available in 1 L tins (no testers).

New Autentico Omniclean should be used for thorough cleaning of surfaces prior to painting such as really grimy, dirty kitchen cupboards or furniture that really hasn’t seen the light of day for years.  Although we say no preparation with Autentico chalk paint, there are times when you really do need to thoroughly prepare the surface. It helps with paint adhesion and can also allow you to get your paint to spread just that little bit further! New Autentico Omniclean can be used before  all Autentico paint products and is available in 1 litre bottles.