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Autentico Velvet™

Autentico Velvet is a hard wearing, quick drying chalk paint for interior walls leaving a smooth chalky and even finish. Great for beams as paint allows woodwork to breathe.

Autentico Velvet is especially designed for walls and ceilings. It is more durable than Autentico Vintage and therefore also suitable for painting kitchen cupboards and furniture where a tougher finish is required. If you’re looking for
a ultra matt finish on your floors, AutenticoVelvet can also be used as long as you finish with two coats of Autentico Sealer and consider that Velvet is not as durable and water repellent as Autentico Versante.

Autentico Velvet has a gloss of 2%. It is available in all of Autentico’s 160 colours and can be purchased in 2.5 litre tins.

Autentico Velvet from Somewhat Grey

Autentico Velvet Chalk Paint is water based and environmentally friendly. Complies with the European Commission VOC Directive 2004/42/CE and is VOC low.

How to use Autentico Velvet – Autentico Velvet sticks to almost any surface without the need to prime. The surface must be dry, clean and free from grease before you start to paint. Apply with a brush, roller or airless. For painting walls use a roller and just follow general painting rules.  For furniture the use of a wide brush is recommended.

The coverage is approximately 10 square metres per litre. For depth of colour apply at least two even coats (some colours might need more coats). Autentico Velvet is normally dry within 30 minutes, and re-coatable in 2 hours. The wall does not need to be sealed with wax or varnish, but if you want to ensure additional protection you can apply Autentico Sealer.



Autentico Venice™

Pure lime paint for creating amazing wall finishes such as Bagnato. Autentico Venice leaves a textured patchy finish.

Autentico Venice provides a vivid and uneven patchy patina reminiscent of the wonderful finishes found on old buildings in Tuscany, Portofino and other regions throughout the Mediterranean area. Lime paint is a breathable paint, antibacterial and great to use in listed buildings, hotels and restaurants, but also in children’s bedrooms.

Lime paint needs a mineral subsurface for full functionality. On existing mineral surfaces like unpainted plaster, bricks and concrete, lime paint can be applied without the need to prime. If you are unsure, apply a primer coat first to be on the safe side. Autentico Vintage is recommended as a primer coat. Because Autentico Venice is alkaline upon application (pH value approximately 13), we recommend goggles and gloves when painting.

autentico italian style

On walls Autentico Venice needs to be applied with a long haired wide lime brush. This helps to achieve the typical lime paint finish. On furniture you want to use a normal but long haired brush. Autentico Venice covers approximately 8 square metres per litre. It can be used as it is or diluted with water. There are several painting techniques available, like the Fresco, Secco and Bagnato techniques, each with its own unique finish.

lime technique autentico

Painting techniques with Autentico Venice


This is a dry technique where you use undiluted paint straight from the pot. The result is less textured with a more cloudy effect.

  1. Paint two coats of Autentico Venice
  2. Use a wide lime brush (or short haired roller)
  3. Apply from the top of the wall all the way down to the floor in long strokes
  4. Do NOT frame the wall first (meaning paint top/bottom and side edges of the wall first and then fill the frame) The frame will dry before you can fill the rest and this will remain visible.
  5. Always apply thin coats. Thick coats will leave shiny patches.

This is a wet technique where you use paint diluted with water to achieve a very authentic and aged look.

  1. The first coat of Autentico Venice needs to be diluted with 30% water
  2. Apply with a wide lime brush and work in strokes of 5cm wide. Apply from the top of the wall all the way down to the floor in long strokes.
  3. Do NOT frame the wall first  (meaning paint top/bottom and side edges of the wall first and then fill the frame). The frame will dry before you can fill the rest and this will remain visible.
  4. Leave the first coat to dry, this will take a couple of hours. It will look dark when wet, but will dry to the colour you expect.
  5. Then apply the second coat, this time diluted with approximately 5-10% water. Again work from the top of the wall and down and try to apply only a thin coat.
  6. You can even dilute the first coat up to 80% with water and the second coat up to 50%. This results in an even more textured and aged look.

The Italian ‘old masters’ art of lime painting. Not only exterior, but also interior painting is done using this very old technique. Bagnato is Italian and means “wet”, “damp” or “soaked” – and a damp surface is exactly what is needed to paint “Bagnato style”.

  1. Use Autentico Venice straight from the pot – it should look like a full fat yoghurt.
  2. NEVER use a roller! ALWAYS use a wide long haired brush or lime brush (at least 10cm wide). This will create the correct finish.
  3. ALWAYS work wet in wet!
  4. Do NOT frame the wall first (meaning paint top/bottom and side edges of the wall first and then fill the frame). The frame will dry before you can fill the rest and this will remain visible.
  5. Apply from the top of the wall all the way down to the floor in long strokes.
  6. As soon as your first stroke on the wall is done, make sure you begin the next stroke while the first strokes are still wet. Work fast until the entire wall is covered.
  7. Leave it to dry for 8 hours…..or overnight before you start the second coat.
  8. Spray the entire wall with water using a plant sprayer. Do not make it soaking wet, just damp.
  9. Do not let it dry!
    You should start your second coat whilst the wall is still damp. Spray the wall again on the part of the wall where you started your second coat.
  10. Start painting again straight from the pot. If you notice that the wall is drying out sooner than expected, spray again, but don’t hit the new painted coat (you might, but that’s another technique). Just use the same way of applying as you did your first coat.
  11. Let it dry again for 8 hours and that’s it.
  12. If you’re brave put some clear wax on the wall to enhance the structure and colour depth, or a chalk wax for enhanced effects. But that isn’t a must – you can also leave it as it is, or put Autentico Sealer on it to make your wall more water repellent.
  13. You can also use two adjacent colours – for example a dark one as a first coat with a lighter one as a second coat.
Autentico® Versante

Autentico Versante is a real chalk based, wipeable and water repellent paint for both indoor and outdoor use. It contains built-in UV filters and advanced moisture control. It is available in Versante Matt and Versante Eggshell.

Autentico Versante can be used for painting garden furniture, fences, and other outdoor wood work, including doors and window frames.
It is also excellent for pots and garden decorations, will even adhere to metal, wrought iron and PVC.

Autentico Versante is also suitable for painting interior surfaces and furniture in more damp areas like the laundry, kitchen and bathroom.

Autentico Versante is excellent for more hard wearing surfaces, such as stairs, floors, kitchen cabinets or tabletops. For best possible adherence and durability we recommended that you sand shiny, hard and varnished surfaces lightly before painting (particularly Versante Eggshell).

How to use Autentico Versante – one litre covers between 8 and 13 square metres depending on the surface profile and porosity.

Stir well before use. Surface must be dry and free from grease. Use degreaser such as sugar soap to clean the surface if necessary. Use the paint as it is, simply apply with a roller or brush. For painting furniture the use of a soft brush is recommended.

Autentico Versante is normally touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable after 1 hour (in some cases drying may take longer).

Autentico Versante is water based and environmentally friendly. It complies with the European Commission VOC Directive 2004/42/CE, and is VOC low. Autentico Versante comes in both matt and a more eggshell finish. It’s available in the full Autentico colour range of 160 colours and can be purchased in 500ml, 1 litre and 2.5 litre tins.

Autentico® Versante Eggshell is a eggshell chalk paint designed to give a long lasting, elegant finish with superior coverage and beautiful depth of colour. Available in over 160 colours.

Autentico® Versante Eggshell is UV resistant, self-priming and low in VOC.  Because of its advanced moisture control filter, it is ideal for interior surfaces in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Autentico Versante Eggshell is of the highest quality. scratch resistant and easily wipeable, making it one of the top choices for high wear areas like kitchen units, table tops, floors, doors and skirtings. For kitchens it gives an instant facelift with no hassle!

Autentico Versante Eggshell has a sheen factor of 15%, making it more shiny than Versante Outdoor and easier to keep clean than any other chalk paint.  Unlike traditional chalk paint, such as Autentico Vintage, Versante Eggshell must be handled as a normal eggshell paint so do not load too much paint on the brush when painting.

The main benefit of using Autentico Versante Eggshell is that you do not need to prepare with a primer or a sealer, it’s all built-in.  The excellent moisture membrane makes it more or less impervious to water and weather damage once dry.

For best possible adherence and durability it is recommended to sand hard, shiny, varnished and painted surfaces lightly before painting.

Autentico Versante Matt is the outdoor version of  Autentico Velvet chalk paint and has a sheen of only 5% (a little more than Velvet). The moisture membrane added to Autentico Versante Matt gives it that  extra

Autentico Versante Matt is self-priming and adheres to almost any surface. It is a little more scratch sensitive than Versante Eggshell, but the ultra matt finish tones down surface imperfections due to its low reflection. Versante Matt is a favourite for painting kitchen cabinets and even floorboards thanks to the matt finish, along with its water repellent properties.

Because of the improved moisture membrane, no sealer or varnish is needed. Versante Matt is approved for childrens toys and furniture.


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