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Autentico Wax Range

Autentico Wax is available in a variety of colours to toughen, seal and protect painted furniture and other surfaces.  Autentico Wax is an easy to use, specially adapted light wax to help you create decorative finishes and is always recommended for pieces painted with Autentico Vintage chalk paint. Available in classic transparent; dark brown; light brown; amber; taupe; white; grey and black.  You can use the classic clear Autentico wax or different colours to create unique effects and patina.

NOW available in 250ml (Clear and Dark Brown Wax only) as well as 370ml.

Check out the four fabulous metallic waxes to add that special finish and detailing. Colours are Gold, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Copper and Old Silver.

Or for that special finish try Autentico coloured waxes in Swedish Blue Wax, Dried Moss Wax and Antique Rose Wax.  Use on Autentico Vintage chalk paint for a soft wax tint or on wood itself for a subtle, coloured sheen.


The main active ingredient in Autentico’s wax is carnauba. Carnauba in its raw form is harder than concrete so to make it workable beeswax and turpentine are added. As the wax is applied these solvents evaporate leaving the carnauba to set hard and seal the porous paint surface as it cures.

So use of Autentico Wax  provides a very tough and resilient finish that should stand up to most daily wear and tear under normal circumstances.

New Autentico Grandiose Oil hard wax oil is a high performance protective coating for untreated wooden surfaces (such as furniture and flooring), surfaces painted with Autentico Vintage or Autentico Velvet and for Autentico Frescolini.

Grandiose at Somewhat Grey

Grandiose, a clever mixture of vegetable oils and wax is a very versatile product –  great to protect surfaces (wooden flooring, worktops, table tops and other furniture), painted or not, against stains from water, acids, alcohol and general grease. Grandiose is very easy to use. Just apply with a brush and wipe excess with a lint free cloth. After 2 coats Grandiose will offer full protection. With a coverage of 15/20 m2/L, Grandiose is also very economical to use.

Autentico Grandiose is now available in 9 beautiful colours – Natural (non-tinted) version, Light Grey, Sand, Clay, White, Soft White, Creamy White, Grey and Smoked.  All available in  1 L AND 500 ml tins.

Grandiose finishes - available at Somewhat Grey

Application for Grandiose:  Grandiose Oil is ready for use, do not dilute. Always apply two coats with a flat brush. Those coats can consist of two coats of the same colour Grandiose Oil or a coat of the coloured version followed by a coat of the non-tinted version. Apply the first coat thinly. Remove excess oil with a lint-free cloth shortly after application but before the Autentico Grandiose starts to dry. Allow 24 hours to dry, then repeat process.

Autentico Grandiose takes about approximately 24 hours between coats, dependent on the ambient temperature, good ventilation and environment.

Important tips: After the second coat is applied and allowed to dry, the surface is dust and walking proof (for flooring). Full curing time is 3 weeks. During this period and in the case of flooring, the surface is still vulnerable to moisture and corrosive agents. Only clean the floor in the first three weeks using a vacuum cleaner or duster. Make sure that you have good ventilation in this period as Autentico Grandiose dries by reacting with oxygen.

NEW Autentico Floor Varnish – also ideal for use on kitchen units, kitchen worktops and bathroom furniture and available in both Matt and Semi-Gloss finish.  It can be applied directly to bare wood or on top of Autentico Velvet or Autentico Versante Matt to protect your paintwork.  The beauty of this product is that it is also heat resistant! In order to achieve this first apply your two coats of chosen paint, or apply your first coat of Autentico Floor Varnish in Semi Gloss if you want bare wood.  Make sure you leave this first coat to really dry rock hard – 48 hours minimum.  Then gently rub back with 240 sandpaper and apply your second coat of Autentico Floor Varnish in Semi Gloss.  Again leave to dry rock hard and then rub back lightly with 240 sandpaper.  Finally apply a very thin coat of Autentico Floor Varnish in Matt and you will have a heat resistant and beautifully durable work surface – something many of my clients have been looking for.  This also makes it ideal for relooking kitchen tables.

Autentico Floor Varnish

Autentico Sealer  Industrial grade, matt and transparent product specially developed to seal Autentico Velvet and Autentico Venice Lime paint and to make walls water repellent. Autentico Sealer soaks into the surface and doesn’t leave a film, thus allowing the painted surface to keep the matt chalk finish you love and also doesn’t turn yellow over time.

Autentico Sealer  provides an effective protection and makes the painted surface water repellent and wipeable.
The Sealer is not waterproof, but long lasting and protects better against stains of water and alcohol than wax (that can wear off more easily).

Autentico Sealer is also suitable for table tops, kitchen cabinets and other surfaces exposed to heavy wear.  It can also be used on floors – two coats on top of either Autentico Velvet or Autentico Venice to seal and protect the surface.  Or as an undercoat to Vintage Chalk Paint in order to prevent bleed through, although Autentico Primer is more appropriate for the job. Autentico Sealer can be used as is or may be diluted for a super smooth finish. Apply at least two coats, where the first coat is diluted with approximately 10% water and the second coat with 5% water.

Autentico Sealer is water based and environmentally friendly with no solvents or harmful additives. It complies with the European Commission VOC Directive 2004/42/CE and is VOC low. It is also approved for painting children’s furniture and toys.

Autentico Sealer is available in 100ml, I litre cans and 2.5 litre cans – although the 2.5 litre cans are a special order and will require a 10 – 14 day order leadtime.

Autentico Matt Varnish is an excellent matt film coating varnish that looks white in the pot, but dries with a clear matt finish.  Autentico Varnish is a water based, non-yellowing protective coating that helps prevent watermarks, ‘bleeding-in’ stains caused by, for example, tea and red wine and protects against finger stains and scuffing. Autentico Varnish should be used in conjunction with Autentico Vintage and Autentico Velvet chalk paints as well as Autentico Venice lime paint.  It is not suitable for exterior use.  Autentico Varnish is available in 250ml tins and 1 litre tins.