Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

Little Greene Intelligent Exterior Eggshell  is a high performance, UV resistant, self-priming paint with excellent penetration, making it one of the smartest choices for exterior joinery.

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is weather resistant and completely washable and can also be used on suitably primed metalwork, such as garden furniture.  Its’ special formulation inhibits mould and algal growth and makes it extremely durable with a flexible finish.

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is virtually odourless and is surface dry in hours, allowing you to re-coat within 16 hours.  It has a low sheen value of only 15%.

Self-priming qualities are for new and bare wood, making Intelligent Exterior Eggshell one of the most unique exterior woodwork paints on the market.

You can apply Intelligent Exterior Eggshell directly onto exterior paintwork, even if it is a solvent-based paint, as long as you have fully prepared the woodwork prior to painting.  Thorough preparation of pre-painted exterior woodwork requires sanding with a medium grade sandpaper, degreasing with sugar soap or methylated spirits. Allow this to dry, then ensure that all dust particles are brushed free.  Even Little Greene water based products can be applied directly onto an existing oil-based paint layer, without the use of a primer (with the exception of Absolute Matt, Distemper and Limewash).

Please download the technical sheet for further information.