Intelligent Primer Undercoat

Little Greene Intelligent Primer Undercoat is a high opacity, low odour, water based matt undercoat with excellent adhesion to existing aged alkyd finishes. Highly recommended for use with Little Greene water based finishes for both interior and exterior applications.  This is the most popular primer in the Little Greene range and is great for use on walls and doors, plaster and bare wood.

It is important to note that all Little Greene primers are tinted, so you can use the primer as an undercoat, which gives fantastic coverage on an already dark wall or surface.

Notes re primers

Generally speaking a primer is required onto a bare substrate (the substrate is whatever the building material is to be painted e.g. wood/metal/plaster etc). The two main reasons why you prime the bare substrate is to firstly help seal the surface – very important with porous materials e.g. wood and secondly to maximise the adhesion between the additional paint layers (e.g. the topcoat) and the substrate.

With Little Greene primers we generally say stick with either water or oil as the choice throughout the paint system – therefore if you are using a water based topcoat (Intelligent Eggshell/Gloss), then use a water based primer (Intelligent Primer Undercoat). The same applies with oil based finishes i.e. use the traditional oil primer undercoat.

If the substrate is bare then in almost all cases, a primer  is required – the only exception is if you are using Intelligent Exterior Eggshell on bare woodwork – this product is unique in the way it has been designed and does not require a primer.

If the substrate is already painted, then essentially it is already primed – the only reason you would use any of the primer undercoats is if you have decided on a significantly different colour change. Undercoats are used to obliterate the previous colour with minimal coats (two usually). As Little Greene Primers are also Undercoats (two products in one can!), they can be used for this purpose.

So if the surface is already painted and therefore primed and you are opting for a similar or the same colour, then a primer is not required. What is required, however, is a thorough sanding with a medium grade sandpaper, de-greasing with sugar soap or methylated spirits, which is then allowed to dry and ensuring that all dust particles are brushed free. Even Little Greene water based products can be applied directly onto an existing, aged oil based paint layer, without the use of a primer (with the exception of Absolute Matt, Distemper and Limewash) if the required preparation previously mentioned is carried out.

Remember – the key to a successful application is in the preparation!

Please download the technical sheet for further information.