Here is a summary of Little Greene paint products:

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Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion  – one of the most popular paints in the Little Greene range for walls and ceilings

Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion – water based, environmentally friendly, completely washable paint for walls and ceilings

Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell – subtle sheen, washable paint for woodwork, primed metals, kitchen and bathroom walls

Little Greene Exterior Eggshell – high performance, weather resistant, self-priming paint for exterior


Little Greene Intelligent Gloss Paint – tough, environmentally friendly, washable, high sheen paint for ‘trim’ areas inside and outside

Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell – exterior woodwork, eggshell paint, low sheen with a velvet finish

Little Greene Traditional Oil Eggshell – classic, environmentally friendly, low gloss, durable paint for

interior woodwork and metalwork

Little Greene Traditional Oil Gloss – classic high sheen paint for interior and exterior woodwork and

primed metalwork

Little Greene Masonry Paint – 100% acrylic, micro-porous exterior paint for cement, brick, stone or

rendered walls

Little Greene Limewash – environmentally friendly, water based, breathable paint for old and

problematic walls

Little Greene Floor Paint – environmentally friendly, eco-oil based, durable, resistant paint for

wooden, concrete and tiled floors

Little Greene Distemper – traditional, breathable paint for older buildings; has a soft powdery finish

for ceilings, walls and plaster

Little Greene Wall Primer Sealer – acrylic wall primer/sealer for interior/exterior applications; great

for new plaster, friable or patch-repaired surfaces

Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer/Undercoat – primer/undercoat for wood and metal,

interior/exterior applications

Little Greene Intelligent Primer Undercoat – water based undercoat for interior/exterior

applications; most popular primer in the range and great for use on walls, doors, plaster and bare


Little Greene Aluminium Wood Primer – glycerol, aluminium-based primer for bare wood or soft

wood, even if resinous; perfect for front doors and exterior joinery