Tom’s Oil Eggshell

Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell is the preferred finish of one of Little Greene’s senior chemists and is an exterior eggshell paint for woodwork of the highest quality, giving a low sheen (approx 15%).  Tom’s Oil Eggshell gives a very velvet finish to exterior paintwork.

Tom’s Oil Eggshell is not for interior use, but when used on bare exterior woodwork – unlike Intelligent Exterior Eggshell – does require a full priming system.

Tom’s Oil Eggshell is extremely durable with a flexible finish and is surface dry in 4 hours so that you can re-paint within 16 hours.

Fully washable, Tom’s Oil Eggshell should be used in conjunction with Little Greene Aluminium Wood Primer when painting bare hard or softwood, even if resinous.  Aluminium Wood Primer blocks all stains – simply use two coats of the product and then two coats of Tom’s Oil Eggshell.

Please note that Tom’s Oil Eggshell cannot be used for decking.

Please download the technical sheet for further information.