Traditional Oil Eggshell Paint

Little Greene Traditional Oil Eggshell Paint is, as the name suggests, the traditional paint for woodwork and metalwork, but not radiators.  For radiators, use Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell as it is guaranteed not to yellow.

Traditional Oil Eggshell Paint is environmentally friendly and uses the specially formulated Little Greene eco-oil recipe, using naturally occurring vegetable oils.  It is completely washable and gives a classic, durable finish for woodwork and primed metalwork.  It has a low gloss level (15%) and is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Traditional Oil Eggshell is an excellent paint for kitchen cabinets – but not floors (Little Greene has a special Floor Paint).

Traditional Oil Eggshell is hard wearing, making it perfect for bookshelves, dining tables, window and door frames, skirting boards and interior wooden furniture.

The key differences between Little Greene Traditional Oil Eggshell and Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell are in the smell and the application properties.

Oil based products, such as Traditional Oil Eggshell have that traditional mild solvent type odour.  Intelligent Eggshell is virtually odourless, which makes it better to use in interior situations where the natural ventilation is minimal.

Traditional Oil Eggshell is applied as a traditional oil based product and takes longer to dry than Intelligent Eggshell. Traditional Oil Eggshell has a minimum re-coat time of 16 hours.

Please download the technical sheet for further information.